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​The Captain's Experience:
Born in the mid 60’s and raised in the Golden Isles of Georgia, Captain Brian Leverette has extensive experience in 
both inshore and offshore fishing. While in his late teens his enthusiasm for inshore fishing truly emerged when he 
was the caretaker of Little St. Simons Island a privately owned barrier island where he lived and worked. After his 
daily “chores” were complete, he would explore the beaches, marshes and maze of saltwater creeks searching well
 into the evening for what was biting. Wade fishing for Tarpon around the beach inlets was his main target mid to late 
summer. During his tenure on the island he had the opportunity to meet and learn from a local fishing guide and he shared his knowledge and skills with the young soon to be captain and this is when his life goals were set, becoming a professional guide and sharing the experience of Coastal Georgia Fishing. Since this time the blue water has also beckoned and he has competed in numerous offshore saltwater tournaments both at the professional and local levels. Fishing in the SKA/Yamaha Professional Tour took him to ports all along the East and Gulf Coasts, from North Carolina, all the way to Louisiana with stops just about everywhere between. Chasing King Mackerel is a team sport and his team consistently held a top 5 place in the world rankings to include division and series championships. While offshore fishing and the tournament trail will always hold a special place in his heart, Capt Brian is an inshore fisherman to his core and enjoys nothing more than enticing a spotted sea trout to take an offering.

His passion for fishing and especially
Georgia inshore fishing:
What sets Captain Brian apart is his 
incredible passion for fishing of any 
sort. He’s just as happy dunking a 
worm in the local bream pond as he
 is fighting a 60 lb. Wahoo well off the 
coast, so long as he’s fishing near 
Jekyll Island, or any other beautiful 
location. Ever since he was a child, 
Captain Brian has had a love for 
fishing and often found time to pursue
 his passion that his parents and/or 
teachers didn’t always appreciate. 
Nothing gives him more satisfaction 
than connecting customers with huge
 varieties of fish. In fact, he derives
 more pleasure watching clients catch
 fish than when he himself does! He 
loves to share his fishing experiences with people in the hope that they can find even a fraction of the joy that it brings to his life. Captain Brian takes his role as captain seriously (safety is paramount) and it is his love of his job which makes our charter fishing trips even more memorable.

Why the Golden Isles?
Captain Brian has fished many fisheries on the East Coast and around the Gulf of Mexico including Savannah, Hilton Head, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Canaveral, Jensen Beach, Key West, Tampa, Biloxi, Venice, Fourchon and many others. He will tell you “out of all these great fisheries the vast marshes of Georgia offer the most diverse year around opportunity”.

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Capt. Brian Leverette        Reel American Charters  Fishing Charters on St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, Cumberland Island.
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Captain James is a USCG fully licensed captain with a knack for catching speckled trout and tripletail. He 
has spent the majority of his life exploring the golden isles coast in the Jekyll and Cumberland Island 
areas for structures and banks to fish. He started off very young fishing with his father Captain Brian, going
 every single chance he got. Once the young Captain James began to get older and more experienced, he 
began his adventure on the SKA/ Yamaha King Mackerel tour with his father, venturing from ports on the 
South Carolina coast all the way to the southernmost point of Louisiana fishing in local and professional
 tournaments in between. Captain James thoroughly enjoys fishing offshore and enjoys his time fishing in
 new places but he has always been what some people would call “glued” to enticing a speckled trout and 
tripletail to take any offering he has to give. In his early teens Captain James and his father began to 
operate and manage Hickory Bluff Marina. During this tenure, his itch for chasing a good fish bite became 
overwhelming. While working at the marina, he had an idea that he would build his own boat to be able to 
take out fishing when his shift at the marina ended. The young man spent endless hours after his shift, on 
weekends and after school working to make everything just right. Once he finished his project Captain 
James began venturing out on his own into every creek and every river his gas tank would get him to 
chase speckled trout, flounder, redfish and tripletail if the conditions were fair. He would fish with anything he could get his hands on, from artificial to various live baits he could catch or buy, all the way to sunset. After spending his years with his father Captain Brian and fishing on his own, he slowly began to realize that his calling was right in front of him, he wanted to be a saltwater guide and show customers the beauty and secrets that Coastal Georgia Fishing has to offer. Captain James has inshore fishing engraved in his heart and loves everything this fishery has to offer him and he wants to show customers exactly what he sees. 

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